Game Rules Lageon

Game Rules

All provisions of these Rules apply to all worlds (servers, maps) of Lageon operated on all domains of the operator

By registering in the game, the user expresses agreement with these Rules.

It is prohibited to use the nicknames that indicate affiliation to a Lageon team. (Admin, Administrator, GO, Game operator).

In case of violation of the Rules, the operator may block the respective account for up to 365 days, unless specified otherwise in relevant provisions.

1. Multiple Accounts

- Each player can use only one account per world (server, map)

- In case of violation of this rule, the operator may block the account for up to 365 days

- The burden of proof that the user did not use multiple account lies with the player

- Blocked accounts in which the user has not logged for 14 days without trying to resolve the blocking with the company via the support section may be deleted

2. Use of Account

- Each account is intended for managing one player

- It is not allowed to represent other players or play using another account
- It is not allowed to exchange or otherwise transfer accounts
- Sharing account information is strictly prohibited, in particular login details, including registration e-mail; the operator is not liable for any damage caused by sharing such information
- If an account is inactive for over 30 days, the operator may delete the account
- If an account remains inactive immediately after registration (0 points), the operator may delete the account after seven days of registration

3. Abuse of Account

- It is not allowed to sell or lease accounts or yield them to other users for consideration of any kind; all accounts are property of the operator

- Intentional abuse of game bugs to gain a benefit or not reporting game bugs is prohibited
- Instigating other players to abuse game bugs is prohibited
- Violation of this rule may be punished by blocking the account by the operator for an appropriate time, but not less than 14 days

4. Scripting

- It is not allowed to use any program as interface between the player and the gaming account or use any other form of automatically generated information for the benefit of one or more players

- It is not allowed to use especially (but not limited to) the following means: macros, bots

5. Sharing Internet Connection

- To prevent unauthorized blocking of game accounts, it is necessary to inform the support team of sharing an internet connection when two or more gaming accounts are played from one single internet connection

- Multiple players playing from the same IP or the same PC (school, university, dormitory, family, apartments, etc.) must prove that the game accounts are played by different players
- It is also forbidden to carry out any form of cooperation between such accounts when one player would gain unfair advantage
- Also, such accounts may not be used for cooperation and joint or subsequent attacks against other game accounts in the game

6. Spam and Unethical Conduct

- Any abuse of game e-mail, chat, or fora for other purposes unrelated to playing the game is prohibited

- Abusive, libellous, or otherwise immoral messaging is forbidden and will be penalized accordingly
- Political, racial, pornographic, or otherwise illegal expressions are strictly forbidden and may be penalized by permanent blocking of the account

7. Cancellation or Mitigation of Penalization

- Actions taken in connection with violation of the Rules or the GTC may be cancelled or mitigated only with the approval of the Chief Game Operator, however, this is applicable only to minor violations

- The Chief Game Operator has permission to transmit information in case of further or continuous violation of the Rules or the GTC; such information may lead to complete blocking of IPs and inability to continue to participate in the game
- All penalties in respect of violation of the Rules will be addressed principally through support and it is not allowed to address them on the fora or via e-mail

8. General Terms and conditions (GTC)

- These Rules are a complement of the GTC, which must be observed at all times

9. Final Provisions

- If any part of information contained in this document is incorrect, invalid, or incomplete, the remaining parts of the document will remain unaffected in terms of their content and validity