Prove your courage and fulfill the Hero's tasks, fight with many monsters in the Labyrinth, and find treasures to buy artifacts, talismans or other valuable items. Use the power of many Gods and their bonuses in the battles or for the development of your city or for improvement of your hero.
Assistants will help you for faster development, more prayers, or faster army training.
Show your focus, the art of strategy and tactics. Gain a fame and become a king of Lageon.
Lageon is an online strategy game and is completely free.

Gods of the Ancient Greece



Zeus Zeus
Update version 4.1 (1.9.2017) The first new world: Peloponnese
tuning the game economy
a new world system
new maps
Start of the new world 12.12.2017 12:00 EST (18:00 CET)
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